Top 3 Online Resources for Studying Drawing (especially for aspiring Concept Artists)

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know about my YouTube channel I’ve been posting on, Fantastic Anatomy!, chronicling my artistic journey by sharing what I’m learning. Here’s a video you should definitely check out if you’re studying art or practicing drawing:

My other videos have been about character design and anatomy lately and will be for the next month or two.


As I like to say…

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Tips for drawing the Gesture and Shape of the Head

Here they are. All my best tips compiled after my studies on shape and gesture of the head and neck.

This video features me sketching the head and neck in a variety of different ways that I learned from a few really good sources. (New Masters Academy and Sycra’s YouTube videos definitely come to mind)

It should give you some new ways of thinking about head, as well as methods to jot it down on paper real quick.

May the Force be with You,


Pikachu Character Design and Drawing Video

What went into the design of Pikachu that makes him such a cute and appealing character?

This video is good for you if you want to learn how to draw Pikachu, are studying character design in general, or are studying up to design some Pokemon of your own! This is the first video in my Character Design Study series for the Fantastic Anatomy! YouTube channel — Next up on the list we have Wolverine, from X-Men, and Piccolo from the Dragonball series. Will be posting another one this weekend.

This video is part of the “Character Design 101” course that I have designed for myself. It requires I publish 10 of these character design study videos to complete the course, so there will be at least that many.

Let me know if I missed any info or if you have any suggestions on how I can improve these videos to be more informative and… maybe even entertaining 🙂

Oh and suggestions for characters for future character design study videos are welcome.

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Yoda Concept Art (Star Wars)

Here’s some cool Yoda concept art (some is good fan art too). Probably going to be posting a lot more concept/digital art on this blog cause it’s awesome. Will keep with the more traditional stuff as well, however. I’ll also share the general Star Wars concept art I’ve collected in a post, probably later today. Kudos to all the great artists featured here. Enjoy!


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