The Art of Shams Nelson

Below are some older paintings of mine. You can also check out my conceptual art document, which has examples of my more recent digital painting work at:

In addition, you can check out my sketches, practice studies, and parakeet (yup, the “chirp chirp” kind) on Instagram here:

God bless, and may the Force be with you!


Shaman-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt Druid-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt SpiritJourney-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt WildBill-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt FutureYouth-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt GandhisAnguish-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt Bagheera-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt SuperheroArchetype-ShamsMichaelNelsonArt


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