How to Draw Like Brett 2D Bean

If you guys aren’t familiar with Brett “2D” Bean, he’s an awesome character designer.

You can check out some of his art in the below, but to find more you can visit one of his 2 websites. I prefer the Tumblr site ( as it has more info catered towards artists like tutorials and sketches (also his instagram is pretty cool for stuff like that). Then there is also his 2D Bean’s professional portfolio site here:

I chose Brett Bean as my first artist (next up is Derek Laufman) in a new set of videos I’m doing called the “How to Draw Like..” video series, where I choose artists I really like and break down their styles and then share with ya’ll what I learned.

Check it out:

Stay fantastic everyone!


P.S. Just started a new comic book project by the way. It shall be a long and epic quest but you can check out the progress and contribute feedback and ideas here:

I really want this to be a collaborative project so I really hope you’ll chime in with comments, questions, and the like 🙂


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