Are you going to any Entertainment Design or Illustration Expos in 2016?

Hey guys,

Just finished uploading a video reflecting on my experiences at CTNx 2015 (Creative Talent Network Expo), especially what I learned when I brought my very strange portfolio there to show people.

CTNx for those who don’t know is an annual expo in Burbank, CA, where artists working primarily in the entertainment industry (movies, games, comics, etc.) but all kinds of artist are welcome. (Not so much traditional painting though, there was a lot more digital paintings, animation etc.) It’s marketed as a “animation” expo, but really is for artists of all kinds.

Here I share some of my experiences:

This videos has tips on what to expect at this expo (and, I imagine, other similar ones) drawn from my experience. I talk about both pros and cons of that experience, as well as my tips on how to create an effective portfolio and especially how to avoid the mistakes that I made!

Stay fantastic.



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