Learn Anatomy the FUN way

Fantastic Anatomy Video Series #01 – Skull and Face Overview

Fantastic Anatomy’s philosophy for learning anatomy is to learn it without proportion. Proportion (while important) can be boring and tedious, and does not allow one to be very creative.

In this drawing anatomy series we will learn the skeleton and muscles first, in relation to each other, but not in strictly human proportion.

The results?

Elves, orcs, dwarves, big-foots, aliens, monsters, mutants, wierdos, and other strange faces and figures of all sorts! Basically, how to draw fantasy characters 🙂

This method is perfect for beginning or intermediate artists, or advanced artists who haven’t studied anatomy yet or are just looking for a new, creative way to have fun with their art. Also great for people who are looking for how to draw your D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) characters or any other tabletop roleplaying game characters.

Feel free to share links to the drawings you make using this method below. I’d love to see what you guys are coming up with!

Peace, God bless, and Stay Fantastic Everyone!



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