Simplified Painting Process (step-by-step guide)

From my Academy of Arts Online painting class:

Simplified Painting Process: Review

  1. Establish your idea.
  2. Do a variety of compositional thumbnail sketches.
  3. Gather necessary references.
  4. Develop a more refined sketch.
  5. Draw out your composition on final canvas.
  6. Check for drawing errors.
  7. Develop lay-in.
  8. Check for drawing, color, and value edges.
  9. Evaluate your overall lay-in.
  10. Fix or correct any areas that bother you.
  11. Begin to develop modeling within forms.
  12. Look for color modulation or variations within areas.
  13. Stand back and evaluate what you have done.
  14. Change anything, correct or add to what you feel you need.
  15. Continue modeling other areas.
  16. Again look for color subtleties.
  17. Do not over refine any area.
  18. Re-evaluate what you have done.
  19. Fix any problems.
  20. Continue modeling and re-evaluating and much as necessary.
  21. Make sure to keep areas a bit understated.

After several passes you will be ready to finish the painting.


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