Young Arthur – The Spirit of the King


Arthur Pendragon was once known more commonly by his childhood nickname “Wart”. From this place of humility would rise the legendary figure of King Arthur! There has always been a noble grandeur about Arthur that stirred my confidence and inspired my respect.

Is it strange to respect a (possibly) fictional character? I feel that if something is WORTHY of respect, THAT is the only prerequisite necessary as far as I’m concerned. So respect all these fictional characters that you might learn from them! They are real inside our minds and in the collective subconscious.

The moment depicted in this painting is at the moment of defeat of Arthur’s (pictured) enemy. Here he has just resigned to grant the opposing knight quarter (mercy) at his request. He is bound by the code of chivalry to honor this request. His face is just beginning to relax from the tension, and his raised arm begins to lower.

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