An Interesting Revalation Through Painting Today

shams michael nelson art - generals face

This kind of stuff happens often when I paint, so I thought I’d share an instance that just happened to me…

I was using an old photo of a general (as in army general) as reference for the start of this painting (above). He looks stern and strong and stoic in the photo. When I paint for myself I try to paint what I feel, not precisely what I see.

As I painted I noticed the face looked sad to me… Interesting, I thought, I wonder how a strong general could be sad…

It wasn’t until I painted the shadow of his helmet, swiping down like angry eyebrows! that I realized that it was the uniform that gave me the impression of these qualities, not the man inside the uniform. He might have indeed been a sad and troubled man. How many of us put on a strong front when we are feel unsure inside?

Uniforms are DESIGNED to convey certain qualities. I think we should keep this in mind and not let a uniform (or title, position, etc.) become the dominant factor in an interaction between human beings…

Oh and here are some paintings of hands I did yesterday 🙂


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