The Future Youth – Visions of the New Technology


I believe that we, as a race, are beginning to tap into a new technology that will fundamentally change the world we live in. Just as steel and coal revolutionized what we thought was possible and what actually was, this new technology will CHANGE EVERYTHING. The strange thing is that we’ve had this technology all along, we just forgot how to use it properly.

This technology I speak of, is THE MIND, and all that thoughts and the brain/spirit are capable of.

I believe that as we begin to learn to perceive subtle energies and use them, the way we see each other and interact will fundamentally change.

Here we see the future youth as WE shall perceive him. His aura is clear, yet there is distortion in the physical body. As we learn to perceive the spiritual realm, perhaps our understanding and vision of the physical will appear distorted…


To see this painting and more of my art check out




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