Artists Quest #3 (part 1): Art is a BUSINESS!

Correction: EVERYTHING is a business, if you want to look at it that way. How about the business of getting out of bed? What are you expenses (energy, willpower?) and what do you gain (consciousness, a new day)? Are you going to profit from it, or is it not worth the expense? Most days it is to us, some days it’s not and we choose to sleep in as long as we can 🙂

I digress. So I realized that if I want to build a career doing what I love (and who wouldn’t!) then I’ve got to take it seriously! Just because you LOVE something, doesn’t necessarily mean it will amount to anything financially, but wouldn’t it be great if it did?

Of course, and it should! We do what we LOVE better than we do anything else, so we should serve the world with our best abilities and accept the reward (financial or otherwise) and use it to do more GOOD in the world!So I thought I’d share my planning with the world, in hopes that other people who want to turn their DREAMS into CAREERS might learn a few things along with me. If any of you guys are reading this and want to take this journey together than maybe we can start some sort of ONLINE GROUP to encourage each other and offer feedback and ideas!I got this free book from the non-profit organization SCORE called “Simple Steps for Starting Your Business” and have taken the first few steps and shared them below. It is somewhat strange thinking of what you do from a business perspective, but it really got me to think and I feel that I have a much better idea of who I am as an artist and where I’m coming from/what’s important to me.Ok, without further ado…

Vision Statement: Worksheet

The purpose of my business is:

To create a steady income unitizing my artistic skills. Particularly, but not limited to, selling acrylic/oil paintings.
The business will provide the following products and/or services:

Acrylic Paintings
Oil Paintings
The things that are important and the values my business will live by include:

Expressing myself honestly
Enjoying the process, and letting that enjoyment show through in every aspect of my business



Step 1: Define a Market Need

What need does my product/service fill?

• The need to decorate one’s house with things of beauty or interest.
• The need to contemplate

What are the features and benefits of my product or service?

Vivid and beautiful colors
Compelling subject matter and execution
A sincere glimpse into the realm of the mind and spirit

What is my competitive advantage? (How is your idea different than, or better than, the competition?)

My interest and intention to represent spiritual and intellectual concepts through my art, instead of recreating physical reality
My (somewhat) graphic style, with a focus on color and incorporation of simultaneous 2D and 3D effects
My interest in expressing myself sincerely, free from detailed preconceived intentions

What is my business model? (How will you produce, deliver and market the product or service, and how will you make money?)

Produce – in my home studio
Deliver – either ship from home (if sold online) or deliver to gallery (in person)
Market – Online – though blog, forums, art-communities (Deviant art. etc.), social media (FB, etc.)
In Person – Galleries, create/join local art group (


If you’re interested in checking out my art you can see it at:


God bless everyone!





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