The meaning behind ASTRAL VIKING


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear in the picture, but this painting has iridescent glitter on the snow flakes which adds to its otherworldly feel.

Astral Viking was inspired by the spirit of EXPLORATION that the vikings so powerfully embodied. These men would brave the open seas in search of lands that may or may not have existed. They found England and even America, long before other European explorers came to it’s shore in their much sturdier, more well equipped, galleons. I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much safer in the ship on the top than the viking ship on the bottom. I mean, what happens if it RAINS!

_DSC0139_ viking-ship_1822

While I don’t agree with much of what vikings did once they arrived at these lands across the seas, I must respect their BADASS spirit.

In their time the ocean represented the UNKNOWN, yet the vikings bravely faced it and were rewarded with great treasures and victory. The viking I painted deeply explores the great mysterious frontiers of our age: the mind, spirit, and consciousness. He leaves the earthly realm as he once did the shores of his own lands…

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(actual excavated viking ship, 9th century)
(actual excavated viking ship, 9th century)

Learn more about the Oseberg Ship HERE


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