Artists Quest #2 (part 1): The AWESOME style of Alfonse Mucha


My second quest is an ambitious one! But alas, AMBITIOUS PLANS yield WONDERFUL TREASURES.

I must learn to paint as the artist Alphonse Mucha does. I made this study sketch based on the summer panel from one of his Seasons series. Here are a few things I learned about his style:

• Mucha is very subtle but precise about the contour lines of his figures. You can see the principle that every outline of the body is a bump (because muscles are bumpy). Even dips are comprised of 3 or more bumps, and he conveys this if you look carefully. It gives a great 3 dimensionality to the figure that seems in contrast to the thick line quality, but they work so beautifully together.

• While the shadows are subtle, they contain value changes that reflect the complexity of a real shadow. This (and the contour) are what give his piece such great realism despite its graphic quality.

• He does interesting things with line weight. For instance he outlines the contour of the figure in a thick, bold line.

• He likes to separate the pinky from the other three fingers when drawing the hand. Perhaps it gives an air of elegance, dividing up the blocky shape of that fingers would have left all together.


To see the original post CLICK HERE

To see the Alphonse Mucha sketch I based this off of CLICK HERE


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