Professor X, Shams Michael Nelson, 2014

Professor X, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 16″x20″

Malcolm X has always stood out to me a a powerful figure due to the radical change that he went through, and the authenticity by which he stood by his beliefs as he understood them. At first these beliefs were twisted and confused due to the influence of the Nation of Islam, that originally did not represent real Islam at all but functioned more as a black mafia.

When he traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform the obligatory pilgrimage known as hajj, he saw people of all races and ethnicity and suddenly realized that Islam did not preach against the “white devils” as the Nation of Islam had them brainwashed its members to believe, but was a religion of all peoples. He returned to America with this message of truth, and a new vision of the brotherhood of humans.

Unfortunately this message was not well received, and he was assassinated.

To hear his last speech and see the image that inspired this painting CLICK HERE

The check out more of my paintings go to



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