Artist’s Quest #1 (part 3) – And the difference between PEPPERMINT and SPEARMINT


So here is where this painting has been going. Something tells me that I need to put this quest aside for now and come back and work on it with fresh eyes later. I must HONOR that feeling. I like this strange golden landscape that’s developing, but I cant quite grasp how the sky shall be just yet.

Unrelated, my spearmint plant behind him is flourishing after nearly dying. It just goes to show that with STEADY PERSEVERANCE we can FLOURISH under trying circumstances as well. There is much to learn from plants…

Oh, and here’s the difference between SPEARMINT and PEPPERMINT. While they are closely related plants, and look very similar, they taste different. Peppermint tastes like just that, peppermint patties, or those little white and red striped candies. Spearmint (the one that I like!) does not taste like you’re brushing your teeth, but is sweeter and I find difficult to describe. SPEARMINT is the kind of mint use in REAL Moroccan mint tea! (I’ve been to Morocco.) I get so annoyed when the teabags taste primarily of peppermint… Anyways…

God bless , and may the force be with you.





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